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Security sealant treatment is specifically designed to protect against vandalism or tampering.

This sealant type has a higher grade of hardness once it has set, and as the name suggests, it was originally designed for use in a secure location. It’s commonly applied in prisons, banks, and other buildings where security would be a high priority. Its use has spread into other types of construction, since the design of security sealant makes it attractive for building owners who put a high priority on durability as well as the tamper resistant functions. This can be buildings that see high traffic from the public, or are particularly popular with children who may cause damage. It also has an attraction for construction that’s designed to go without frequent maintenance or supervision.

Security sealant not only carries a cost premium, but also requires specific skills to work with, and we are able to offer security sealant at a competitive price, applied by highly trained staff. If you think security sealant is necessary for your job, call us today.

Security Sealants