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Thermal energy is a factor that has to be taken into consideration with any construction project. 

Most materials will expand and contract as they are exposed to heat and cold, and while different materials will reduce that expansion, it still has to be taken into consideration in your construction. Expansion joints allow for building materials to adjust over time with that fluctuation from thermal energy while keeping the overall construction sound. These joints create new issues however as they can be opportunities for leaks weaker insulation.

Expansion joint sealants allow the joints to do their necessary job without these issues. Specific sealant must be used as it will prevent leaks and offer insulation while not obstructing the necessary expansion or contraction. We have the expertise to select the correct type of sealant for your given job, and apply it in the correct manner. By its nature, this expansion joint sealant will need reapplied from time to time, our application ensures this maintenance is reduced to the minimum possible while still providing the best quality service.

Our expansion joint sealant service protects your building for years to come.

Expansion Joints